Rahul Sonwalkar

Rahul Sonwalkar | Engineer & Product

Engineering Intern @ Rechat.com | President @ HackersUTD

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About Me

Hey! I’m a CS Sophomore at The University of Texas at Dallas. Starting Fall’17, I’ll be joining Rechat’s Platform & API team as a Software Engineering Intern.

I love learning new things and going to hackathons.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or email me at rahulsonwalkar23@gmail.com

About Hackers UTD

Hackers UTD is a hackathon enthusiast club at UT Dallas. We’re a bunch of students who love learning new technologies and working on cool ideas. We intend to spread it across campus and get more students involved with technology :)

In Spring 2018, we’re organizing internal hackathon at UTD to help improve the campus.