Rahul Sonwalkar

Rahul Sonwalkar | Engineer & Product

Software Engineering Intern @ Rechat.com | President @ HackersUTD

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Leetcode problems with strong learning outcomes.

I did the Leetcode grind and got offers from Uber, Facebook, LinkedIn, Nextdoor and WalmartLabs. Here are problems I think you must do to develop a strong understanding of the patterns.

Hacking into Hackathons

Hackathon registrations can be hacked. Here’s how you could do it.

My experience at Sabre’s Hack TTX 2017

This past summer, my friends and I flew to Las Vegas to attend Sabre’s Annual Hackathon (Hack TTX). My team’s IoT hack, Flyo, won the Grand Prize and I wrote about our experience on UT Dallas CS Department’s website and on Sabre’s blog

A collection of links and resources that I found extremely helpful. Contains both programming and non-programming resources and can be found here.